We can build anything

Man FX Destiny’s 10,000 square foot fabrication facility is ready to go to produce whatever your production needs. Welding, machining, carpentry, mold making, pneumatics, hydraulics, electronics and electrical shops within our facility can quickly and readily produce nearly anything needed to make a production spectacular. 




Nearly every welding process is available to technicians working in our shop. MiG, TiG, SMAW, and Ox/Acy are all in regular use at our multiple work stations. Gantry cranes and set gimbal tables to making two soda cans into one, no job is out of our reach.



Precision parts, one-off prototypes or beautiful and enduring hand props. Metals and plastics of all varieties can be made into high tech Radioactive Fluid Containers, Tazer Darts, or specialty tooling for whatever a production needs. 



We have a fully equipped cabinet shop ready to do casework, balsa breakaways, fine furnishings or even set flats. 


Mold Making

Mass produced Props or parts, Rubber stunt duplicates, creature reproductions or Candy Glass can all be made in our dedicated cleanroom facility.


Roll Cages

Tubing benders, notchers, vehicle scales and a lift are all ready to make whatever you plan to drive, crash, roll or flip through the air safe and sane for the stunt pilot who drives it. Fuel cells, seats, belts, brake systems, flippers, cannons, and all the other accessories that make good stunts safe are here for the using.


Soft Work

Fiberglass, textiles, foams, gels, blood and other soft goods. We’ve made things that are hard to imagine and some that are hard to describe.