Equipment Rentals and Expendable Sales

Gear and products to make your project great

Special Effects covers a broad array of productions’ needs. There’s pyrotechnic mortars and trays, propane poppers and fire-bars, hydraulic motors and pistons, pneumatic rams and slides, gears and pinions, air bags and lifters, air mortars and movers, fans and blowers, heaters and pumps, rain towers and bars, snow blowers and rollers, foggers and hazers, wireless and wired control systems and a thousand other specialty pieces of gear that make it work.

With all that to do, it’s not common for the team on any given production to already own all the various things needed to make the dream reality. To that end, we’re happy help out by making our equipment and materials stocks available to coordinators and productions throughout the southeast to make movie making better and safer for all of us. 

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Our 100′ Crane Bar rain system. Safe, reliable, rapid deployment rain for whole parking lots or city squares.

What’s in the Shop

the things we keep on hand to get you going

These are the things that are readily available for rental or purchase from our stores here at the MFXD shop. We’re happy to help you find the gear or product that suits your needs and will get you the most bang for your buck. Feel free to reach out and ask if there is something you are looking for that you don’t see right away. It’s very possible we can set you up or find whatever it might be. This is, due to the spectacular breath of equipment and product available, is in no way complete or exhaustive. 

To maintain the safety of the crews and productions and public we are passionate about, many of the items available for rent will require Certificates of Insurance issued from the production company or the renter. Some rentals and sales may also require completion of a Responsibility Affidavit to ensure that the operator or user is knowledgeable in the safe application of the product or equipment.



6′ Electric Ritter Type Fans

Mole Effect “E-Fan” 18″

18″ PPV Balloon Fan

4″ Air movers, pullman hose

6″ Air movers, bull hose connection 

Mini Air movers, industrial connection

Air Knives for camera lens clearance



100′ Crane suspended Rain-bar

40′ Arial work platform Rain-bars

30′ Tall Rain Tower set

20′ Rain Tower sets

15′ Stage Tower sets

Stage grid rain system

Window rain system for Stage or Location

Process Car rain system

Goose drowner rain wands



Actual chipped Ice snow service

Cellulose Snow in bulk

Cellulose Blower rentals

Starch falling snow flakes

Falling snow roller rentals

Foam snow ground sprayers and fluids 

Falling snow machines and fluids

Fog & Haze


Igeba type fogger guns

Blower foggers for fields and stadiums 

F-Series Heavy Duty foggers

Viper Stage foggers

FHazer large venue Hazer

Unique 2.o quiet Hazers

Molegun Foggers

Mini Foggers

“Tube of Death” systems



Colored Smoke canister system

Black smoke smudge pots

Mineral Oil smoke nuggets

Parafin block smoke brownies



Rubber Ice, Chipped

Rubber Ice, Cubes

Rubber “Glass”, Tempered Clear

Rubber “Glass”, Tempered Green hue

Rubber “Glass”, Fragmented shards

Candy Glass


Sheet Breakaway resin glass cut to size

Breakaway glass shards for aftermath

Acrylic “broken” window edging pieces

Acrylic “tempered debris” for aftermath





10′ Black square Truss

Beam clamps

Floor plates

Huge Shive and Pulley collection

Speed-rail parts and tubing

Flying arbors

Turfer cable tensioners

Flying track

Stunt harnesses and Flying shorts



Car Flipper, Large

Car Flipper, Compact

4′ 7:1 Ratchet unit

8′ 8:1 Ratchet unit 

2Hp Hydraulic Power Units

40 Ton Slewing Ring

Large selection of Electric Motors/Controls 

Gear, Chain, Pulley and Belt supply.



Fire Bars of various sizes and shapes

Campfire set ups

Flexible Fire snakes

Concrete Logs for fireplaces and campfires

Specialty Concrete shapes for fires

Propane hose and manifolds

Household pressure Methane regulators



Propane “Popper” Canisters

Propane mortars

Shotgun, Knee, Trap and China mortars 


Fire safety


Fire Hose

Water manifolds of all varieties

Hale 2.5″ Firefighting pumps

CO2, ABC, and Water Fire Extinguishers

Fire Fighting Turnout and Bunker sets

Car Stunts


DOM Tubing Bender

Fuel Cells

Racing Seats

Battery remount cages

Break lock systems

Nitrogen Cannons

Powder Cannon



4″ High Capacity Air Mortar

3″ Air Mortars

2″ Air Mortars

Compact “in set piece” Air Mortars

“Guacamole” Guns

CO2 Bazooka




Sweeney Gun

Fully automatic capsule guns

Semi automatic capsule guns

Full strength and Half load Zirc hits

Grey, Beige, White, Red and Black Dust hits

“Blood” balls